Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bath Time

I live for my updates. Every little detail my adoptive family gives me is like a cube of sugar added to my bitter days. Oh, don’t worry, not every day is bitter. In fact, my good days seem to outnumber the bad days more and more as time goes on. But when I do have a hard time and I’m feeling particularly blue it sure is nice to have something to remind me that life's really not as bad as it may seem.

It also helps that the adoptive family is related to me. It’s different for every birth mother, but in my particular case I knew that it could not be any other way. I knew from week 1 that Dave and Laura were meant to have my baby. It was what Heavenly Father wanted, and he has whispered it to me a thousand different times and ways ever since the day I learned I was pregnant.

Besides, it’s not like they can hide from me. *wicked grin*

So we communicate with each other on a regular basis. It’s so easy to keep in touch in today’s world, what with all the technology that is available. And the occasional email with photos is all I ask for. Ok, ok… so I asked for emails with photos at least once every two weeks until the baby is 6 months old. After that I’d settle for once a month. But really, I’m secretly hoping that by then the habit will be formed and they’ll just continue to email me little updates all the time. Hey, dreams are for free.

Anyway, like I was saying, I live for these updates. And yesterday I got one that was so sweet that I giggled my fool head off. See for yourselves:

(Look at those sweet eyes!)

Here’s what Laura had to say about this photo:

[Grant] loves his bath, which is so cute. He just looks amazed when I poor warm water over him. But he hates getting out of the bath and getting lotion on…. Here he is all mellow and happy in the bath [pictured above].  But all good things come to an end. He does not like the after bath routine! [see photo below]

I just “oooh’d” and “ahhh’d” over these photos for a long time and couldn’t stop grinning. I love looking at his face and wondering what he’ll look like when he grows up. Every picture I get of him looks different, and it never ceases to amaze me. And those pouty lips! I can’t stop smiling at how precious he is. My sweet boy. 

My sweet nephew.

It’s amazing how much a brief update and a couple of photos can do. It makes me wonder how any birth mother could’ve possible moved on in life without hearing another word about her child. It’s hard enough as it is to lose a baby. But for the world to expect a mother to just forget her child is absolutely ridiculous. It’s impossible! And it’s just not healthy. Thank goodness I have an open adoption! I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it otherwise.

I thank God every day that my boy is healthy and happy. And I thank God for providing the way for my baby to enjoy the blessings of a true and loving family.


  1. He is so cute. I never could tell what my babies were going to look like until about 4 months. After that, they kind of looked like how they look now.

    Before that . . . .

    Like Winston Churchill.

  2. Isn't he though? Cute, I mean. But I'm completely biased. ;) Yeah, it's amazing how babies morph over time.

    Mini Winston Churchills? The thought alone makes me smile!

  3. Oh Carrie, he is just so beautiful! I just love reading about him. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is very meaningful to me. Hang in there!

  4. I'm so glad, Pam. I really want people to know what it's like. And I have so much to share that I have to pace myself, as crazy as that sounds. :) Thank you for commenting--that means so much to me!