Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Much Loved Baby

My adoptive family sent a video today. JOY OF JOYS! Earlier this week I had received an email with the following photos enclosed and I was thrilled. I think they are so precious... two little boys who are, no doubt, going to grow up to be the best of buds. What lucky kids, eh?

These boys and their older sister are so close that it's really heart-warming. The pictures are wonderful as it is, let alone the fact that I received a video in addition to them! But I'll wait to post the video. I think I should ask permission before I do so. It's the least I could do after all they've done for me. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Growth Spurts, Belly Buttons, and Stretch Marks

It amazes me how fast babies can grow.

Two weeks ago one of my neighbors brought his newborn baby boy into my office for me to hold. I was thrilled! What a tiny little boy, I remember thinking. He was about 7 lbs. at the time.

Then, two days ago, the same neighbor brought his boy in again. I couldn’t believe my eyes! That baby had grown so much that I could see a notable difference. It just astounded me.

It makes me wonder if I’d recognize my own boy when I see him again.

On a completely different note, my belly button has finally found its old resting place. My tummy will never be the same, of course, but I figure if I put some work into it I could have a half-way decent stomach soon enough. I’d be content with that.

And I thank God for my stretch marks. They are what keep it real for me. Knowing that I grew a little human being inside of me, carried him around with me for nine months, and then brought him into this world at the risk of my own life.… Well, all of that starts to grow foggy and vague after a while. That is, until I look down at my stomach. When I see those stretch marks I remember.

My stretch marks are what keep me grounded.