Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just found this video on a blog I came across for the first time today. I met Kim and her little family at the Adoption Mini-Conference today in which I took part. I stole this video from her blog (shhh!).  Anyway, it was a great mini-conference and I met lots of wonderful people, all of whom are just as inspiring as this video. Have a look:

Oh and just so you know, my top two most favorite bloggers on this planet are also adopted, as well as one of my favorite missionary companions.  All of whom I knew far before my own life was touched by adoption.  It's amazing how each person impacts other peoples' lives.


  1. When did you and Kirkman serve together?

  2. Same area you and I served. I think she came in to replace you when you got transferred? Although my memory is starting to fade, so I could be wrong. I know I sound old, eh? ;)

  3. wow. WOW. so well done..thats one of those things Im really glad I saw. Not that I ever thought that a person couldn't be amazing because they were adopted or anything but - I never thought about the concept of what a person might NOT have become if there wasn't someone who could adopt them when a birth mother couldn't, for whatever reason, keep them. ya, person I don't know that well but feel like I know really well..

  4. Yeah, and I never really thought about the fact that those people were given the opportunity to make something of their lives--something they might not have had if their mothers had chosen to terminate their pregnancies. It's just fascinating how far a person can go, given the chance.

    Thanks Rebecca. You and I know each other better than we know. ;)