Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preparing for C-Day!


Too bad. Go away. Did you not read the heading to this blog page? I am a birthmother, not the legal guardian. I have no legal rights in the matter, so skive off. Jesus didn't complain about his circumcision, so why should you? Oh, and I can see that some of you are attempting to post more than one comment under different aliases. Give it up you dillweeds, and stop harassing people who have real lives and know how to make decisions for themselves.

Now, on with the blog!


This has been such a great week for me! Although, admittedly, not so much for the wee one. I just received yet another update informing me that my boy has just received his shots and is preparing for C-Day tomorrow. Yep, that’s right. The poor fella… He’s getting circumcised tomorrow.

Here’s what Laura had to say in the email she sent me:

So I set out to take some adorable pics of my adorable Grant, but he hasn’t been himself since his shots yesterday. Poor guy. He just cried through our photo shoot. But I had better get some in before his circumcision on Thursday. Ouch!! Not his funnest week.

Here’s a picture of Grant enjoying our family outing to The Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago.

He is really thriving. He had his well-child appointment yesterday. 14 lbs, 24 inches (Around 90th percentile). He is smiling more. Sometimes he smiles like a pirate with one eye squinting. And occasionally he will coo for us. It is the sweetest sound ever. Dave and Lily and I all gather around him, oohing and awing….

(Sweet little guy enjoying his trip to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis)

I’d decided to print off this email and my dad ended up sticking it on the fridge so everyone could read it. And when my oldest sister came over to pick up some boxes earlier this evening we all took a moment to have a mini-pity-party for him as we contemplated what that meant. Of course, we were all grinning.

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  1. Hopefully he's just getting the ring. It's so much easier to take care of, and I think less painful for the little guy. Just remember, he won't remember. Hugs!